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Abingdon Carbon Cutters is a Community Action Group formed to help reduce the carbon footprint of Abingdon in response to climate change, and to promote a sustainable and resilient lifestyle for our town as fossil fuel stocks decline. We meet on the third Wednesday of each month at St Ethelwold's House, which is here.

At some meetings, we have guest speakers to present various topics, and at others we discuss our own personal actions to address climate change. The group has a focus on encouragement, both of one another, and of the town community.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Robert Longstaff Workshops and the Oxford Garden Project

This weekend, 24-26th April and 23-25th May we are holding special free open days where you can come and browse our gift shop, see the making of
the new kitchen garden and view the courses we are offering.

Our workshops have been making wooden toys and puzzles, dolls houses and miniatures, gift items and garden obelisks and screens for nearly 30 years and running courses and talks for over 25 years, including organic gardening, composting, cooking, woodwork, practical skills, dolls house
and miniatures, folk and early musical instruments and corn dollies to name a few.

From this week and running throughout the year we shall be offering a new range of courses, working with Garden Organic, the WI and Oxford adult education centre, some are free, other cost between £25-75.00 and
groups are welcome.

Full details can be found on our website:
www.longstaff.co.uk under news or by phoning 01865 820206.

Appleton Road,
OX13 5EF

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